BB Organics Serum 4.5 oz


Eye Serum 4.5 oz

List Price $255.00

BB Organics Serum is not only good for puffy eyes, but also age spots, swelling, pain, and tattoo enhancement. BB Organics Eye Serum brings the concept of short term benefits and long term benefits together in our unique formula.  The short term benefits, also known as the “Instant Lift” concept pulls, puffs and tightens skin for a few hours with hydration to make it look good right now.  The long term benefits take two to four month to see as they work on the idea that to repair damage done to your cells, proper vitamins, minerals and nutrients are needed.  Our serum is nano-processed to go deep into the cellular level to begin the healing process from the inside out.  We also use moisture magnets which pull moisture molecules from the air, trapping them in your cells.

As we get older, our skin loses its elasticity and we stop producing collagen and elastin around our eyes. BB Organics has agents in our serum to ‘wake up’ your collagen and elastin producers, stimulating collagen and elastin production that lead to a more youthful appearance. Don’t let the product name fool you.  This is also great for fine lines, smile lines, age spots, dark circles, dry patches and reduces pore size.

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